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Water Technology

In a short time, water technology has grown from purely household items to a significant part of our daily activities. Looking at the market today, it is quite confusing which one is the best to use. Now it is certain that there is no longer 100% safe water. That is why it is important to use clean water technology to ensure your health all year round.

But let me first discuss reverse osmosis technology to give you a good idea of what to have and what to avoid.

RO water technology

The main drawback of RO technology lies in the filter system itself. Reverse osmosis uses a Porou filter and membrane through which water is force. Water molecules will have no trouble passing through and then to the chlorine elements and other impurities. Chlorine and its byproducts have relatively smaller molecular sizes than water, which is why they can infiltrate.

Chlorine is a gift product and it is not recommend to take it. Your body doesn’t need chlorine and never will, so why put it there in the first place? Consumption of this beneficial element can cause migraines, digestive and stomach disorders, and even deadly diseases such as rectal and bladder cancer.

Another disturbing fact is the way RO filters the essential minerals from the water. These raw materials include calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, etc. Since your body cannot store them, drinking water is the easiest way to get them daily. Unfortunately, the molecules in these minerals are larger than in water, so of course, the filtration systems in RO don’t let them through. After filtration, you get demineralize water, and such water should also not be treat as a product of pure water technology.

Pure water technology

Although demineralized water poses no immediate health threat, prolonged exposure can lead to a mineral deficiency. These are serious diseases that range from weak bones, dental problems to joint pain.

Because of these glaring issues, we don’t recommend reverse osmosis technology to filter your water supply system. What you need is a system that can keep the necessary minerals intact and remove all contaminants. New technology does all this and uses ion exchange, submicron, and carbon filtration. After many years of perfection, it is now ready to replace reverse osmosis products.

Pure water technology is here, to say the least, and I personally invite you to check out these exciting products and discover how they can help you bring the goodness of water back to your family.

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